Charting the Longevity Economy's Endless Frontier: How Artificial Intelligence Will Enable Us to Live Longer, Better

In November of 2020, The MIT AgeLab and Bank of America hosted a symposium to discuss the rapid growth of technologies driven by artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with increases in life expectancy and the older adult population across the globe. The event, titled “Charting the Longevity Economy’s Endless Frontier: How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Us Live Longer, Better,” featured expert discussions and presented MIT AgeLab research findings on expert and consumer perceptions and expectations of AI in the context of longevity, with attention to the domains of finance, healthcare, social interaction, infrastructure and community, and work, careers, and benefits. A June 2021 roundtable event revisited and amplified the subjects and themes of our two-day symposium. In this event, we shared new findings from an AgeLab study on consumers’ and experts’ attitudes and beliefs about how AI will impact key domains of longevity and discussed AI’s impacts on how we live, work, and play throughout the life course.

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