Bruce Mehler

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room E40-275C Cambridge, MA 02139-4307



Bruce Mehler is a Research Scientist in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab and the New England University Transportation Center. He is also a senior consultant at NeuroDyne Medical Corporation where he served as Director of Applications & Development prior to assuming his current position at MIT. He has an extensive background in the development and application of non-invasive physiological monitoring technologies in medical, academic and applied research settings. Working with his colleagues in the AgeLab and the New England University Transportation Center, he is particularly interested in exploring methods of combining psychophysiological measures with other assessment techniques to develop a richer understanding of cognitive workload, stress, attention, and emotional arousal in applied settings.

He received a BS degree from the University of Washington and an MA in Psychology from Boston University where he studied personality theory and completed a pre-doctoral fellowship in behavioral medicine at Boston University Medical Center. A summer term in the graduate research program in Neural Systems & Behavior at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole reinforced his interest in physiological monitoring technology and a shift in his career path. He helped design, and served as lead programmer, in the development of one of the first computer based clinical biofeedback and general purpose psychophysiological monitoring systems.

Mr. Mehler later joined Davicon, Inc., initially as a clinical and software consultant, and eventually served as Director of Research and Development. In 1993, he co-founded NeuroDyne Medical Corporation. He previously was a partner in Biobehavioral Associates, which developed computer based as well as paper & pencil questionnaires and assessment tools for psychology and behavioral medicine and served as an Associate Director and faculty member of the Biobehavioral Institute of Boston.

In addition to publications and presentations on physiological monitoring methodologies, stress assessment and human factors research, he has clinical experience in stress management training & biofeedback and has served on the board of the Biofeedback Society of New England and as President of the Biofeedback Society of Massachusetts.